26 Apr 2007

Nepalese man about to be deported from Northern Marianas sets himself alight

3:25 pm on 26 April 2007

A Nepalese man who was to be deported from the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas, set himself on fire in a hallway of the labour department yesterday morning.

Police told the Saipan Tribune that Buddhi Lal Dhimal had poured flammable liquid on his body and set himself on fire in front of an official.

Mr Dhimal sustained second and third degree burns and was taken to hospital.

Witnesses say no other person was injured and the fire did not spread after labour department workers pushed Mr Dhimal to the floor and sprayed him with a fire extinguisher.

A department of public safety spokesperson Lei Ogumoro said the man had become agitated after being told he was to be deported.

Lei Ogumoro said the person had a bottle of flammable liquid and a cigarette lighter.