26 Apr 2007

More typhoid and dengue cases confirmed in Fiji

8:00 pm on 26 April 2007

The number of confirmed typhoid cases in Fiji has now reached 100 and thousands more are at risk.

The outbreak, which is blamed on contaminated water caused by heavy rains and flooding, has claimed two lives so far.

The director of public health, Dr Josaia Samuela, says officials have confirmed more cases this week.

"For the northern division we have 95 cases up from the initial 77, the central division has not reported any new cases but for the western division we had five new cases reported within the past one or two weeks."

Dr Josaia Samuela says there has also been an upsurge of dengue fever with 40 people now affected.

Meanwhile the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, or SPC epidemiologist, Dr Tom Kiedrzinski, says people need to be aware of how to combat dengue

Dengue is an episodic problem in the region with epidemic outbreaks from time to time. It is really important that the population in the countries be ready for that, especially during the warm and wet season. It can be tackled with proper education among the population.

Dr Tom Kiedrzinski says people should use insect repellent, sleep under a mosquito net and contact their doctors if they discover the symptoms.