26 Apr 2007

New Caledonia health officials hopeful latest dengue threat is now past

2:18 pm on 26 April 2007

Health authorities in New Caledonia are continuing to monitor an increase in dengue fever cases in the territory, but believe the situation is under control.

Earlier this month, five cases were confirmed in the outskirts of Noumea and officials have reinforced their prevention campaigns, including spraying insecticides and cleaning up potential larvae breeding sites.

The territorial health services head, Dr Jean-Paul Grangeon, says health officials have not identified any new cases and are confident that the worst is over.

"We are not sure now that we are out of the beginning of an oubreak, but we are expecting there won't be more than those five cases. We have informed the population, and the doctors are very aware of it. [So we believe] we can catch most of the dengue cases."

Dr Grangeon says the heavy downpour over the past several months is the main reason for the outbreak.