24 Apr 2007

Academic says Fijians need to decide on what form of democracy suits them

7:20 pm on 24 April 2007

A senior Fiji academic says people need to decide what type of democracy they want and what they want for the country before rushing into general elections.

Dr Steven Ratuva of the University of the South Pacific says Fijians need to be united and talk about what they want after the elections if they want Fiji to move away from the coup culture.

The Daily Post says Dr Ratuva has told a Fijian language radio talk back show that Fiji is in turmoil after the military takeover and the suspension of the Great Council of Chiefs.

He says Fijians seem to be divided between allegiance and support for the military led government and the Chiefs.

Dr Ratuva says there is a definite split and there is no use rushing into another election without dealing with this problem first.

He says the type of democracy that exists in Fiji is different from the type that is practised in the United Stares and Australia.

Dr Ratuva says he has told the visiting United Nations fact finding mission that there is real need for dialogue between the major players in the current political crisis.