18 Apr 2007

The Niue government looks at changing land titling process for customary owned land

7:36 pm on 18 April 2007

Some Niueans might lose their land if the government goes ahead with its plan to change the land titling process for customary-owned land.

The Niue government is looking at ways to change its land titling process, following some controversial comments made by Niue's premier, Young Vivian, that Niueans living overseas may forgo land if they stay away too long and do not title it.

The minister of Justice, Lands and Survey, Va'ainga Tukuitoga, says land titling is a big issue and is being looked at.

"At the moment like the premier said, we are still trying to work out what is the best way to go forward with this, because there is a lot of disagreement from people, especially land owners and we have not yet come to a decision as to what is."

Ms Tukuitoga says the government is trying to make sure that both sides will be dealt with fairly, buts adds some Niueans living overseas long-term may lose their land.