16 Apr 2007

Solomon Islanders in disaster zone need help rebuilding houses

7:32 pm on 16 April 2007

World Vision in Solomon Islands says victims need assistance to reconstruct homes after the destructive tsunami and earthquake that struck the west of the country two weeks ago.

Most people have now access to clean water, food and medicine, and the government and aid agencies are beginning to focus their relief efforts on rehabilitation.

World Vision's Claire Beck, who is part of the rapid response team on Gizo, says many victims have started to re-build their houses, but will need more tools and other equipment.

"Solomon Islanders are good house builders. You can't get married until you build your wife a house. They can build their house themselves. They just need the time and the support to do so. So, yes, tools are required, they need tarpaulins at the moment, and they are still coming in."

Claire Beck says a number of communities will need food supplied for the next few months, as their food gardens have been destroyed.