10 Apr 2007

Latrines being dug at temporary camps in Solomon Islands

10:02 am on 10 April 2007

A number of sanitation measures are being put in place at the temporary camps set up in Solomon Islands Western province in the wake of last week's earthquake and tsunami.

The provincial goverment says a team is at the camps in the hillsides above Gizo digging latrines in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease.

The deputy provincial secretary, Jonathon Bana, says immediate action was needed after reports came in of children coming down with diarrhoea.

"We have sent over a team to actually dig up the dry pit for the toilets that are effective. For the areas that have no facilities available and the work on that is now progressing."

Mr Bana says people in the camps above Gizo now have water containers and water purification tablets which should help.

He says people may be in the camps for the next three to six months.