4 Apr 2007

Fiji telecommunications company says illegal services still operating

9:40 am on 4 April 2007

A report from Fiji says illegal telecommunications and internet services are still operating in the country.

Radio Legend says this has been revealed by the new acting chief executive of Amalgamated Telecom Holdings, Tomasi Vakatora.

Mr Vakatora says a number of people are providing telecommunications services by using the network provided by their licenced subsidiaries, Vodaphone Fiji, Telecom and FINTEL but are bypassing their systems.

He says such operations are illegal and the only thing they can do is report them to the regulator so they can be monitored.

Mr Vakatora says Amalgamated Telecom Holdings is also looking forward to competition following the deregulation of the market so it can provide new services.

He says they are confident they will continue to be the main player in telecommunications.