29 Mar 2007

Commonwealth secretary general says it's time now to re-engage with Fiji

7:06 pm on 29 March 2007

The Commonwealth secretary-general Don McKinnon says it's time to re-engage with Fiji and end criticism of the military led government.

Mr McKinnon says the criticism being directed at Fiji is not achieving its purpose and to ensure there is a return to democracy there has to be re-engagement with the country's current leadership.

He says the only way to make people change the course they are on is to get alongside them and talk about the need for change.

"And eventually this message will get through because underneath people do know that if you want legitimacy in this world, unless you want to be a North Korea, unless you want to be a Sudan, if you want legitimacy, you want to be accepted by your fellow citizens in the world, and most leaders do want this - those changes will start to emerge."