28 Mar 2007

Niue's Matavai hotel still hopeful that cult members will pay huge bill

8:10 pm on 28 March 2007

The management of Niue's only hotel says it hopes members of a mystery cult will clear huge unpaid bills by the weekend.

The group, the Maha Devi Ascension Movement, five years ago was involved in controversy in Samoa and left the country after six months.

It has now been deemed undesirable by the Niue government after accumulating debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most of that is owed to the Matavai Resort which has not received any payment since August last year.

The Matavai's manager, Hima Douglas, says the group which has occupied up to ten rooms in the 24 room hotel for more than a year, owes a tidy sum.

"We have been promised that we will be paid by this week in which case you will find there will be a lot of happy people on the island but at the end of this week if nothing has moved we will have to review our position."

Mr Douglas says if the money isn't paid the group could be asked to leave the hotel, though such a decision is for the board of directors to make.