26 Mar 2007

Formalised media training in Tonga welcomed

7:27 pm on 26 March 2007

The Deputy Director for Schools in Tonga says the media industry is happy that a formal journalism course is finally available in the country.

Tonga's first certificate and diploma course in media and journalism studies has just been launched.

The coordinator of the media course and the Deputy Director for Schools, Tu'ifua Takapautolo, says the media council had long requested training with more and more school leavers interested in working in the media.

She says it will be a great help as media workers either learn on the job or through short workshops.

"It would help these young ones enhance their knowledge about media and journalism but moreover it would help them in their future career, that is if they want to stay with the media. And also if they want to go for further studies in media and journalism. 16 secs"

Tu'ifua Takapautolo says the two year course is internationally recognised and will be taught by local professionals in the sector.