13 Mar 2007

Fiji's deposed prime minister to seek court ruling on being denied access to Suva

8:13 pm on 13 March 2007

The lawyer for Fiji's ousted Prime Minister says he will go to court in a couple of weeks to seek an order allowing Laisenia Qarase to return to Suva.

Mr Qarase has been on his home island in the Lau group since he fled the capital after the military takeover.

He has not been allowed back into Suva since then with airlines and shipping companies reportedly told not to give Mr Qarase passage.

His lawyer, Tevita Fa, says while he already has a case before the High Court challenging the legality of the interim administration, that does not stop him bringing an additional case:

"Under the constitution, Qarase's right to free movement in Fiji is guaranteed and that right can't be taken away by decree."

Mr Fa says the next High Court hearing over his case testing the legality of the military's actions is due to be held on March 30th.