2 Mar 2007

Call for interpreters in French Polynesian Assembly following law cancellation

2:57 pm on 2 March 2007

A French Polynesian assembly member Tea Hirshon says the government should bring in interpreters when debating laws in the assembly.

Ms Hirshon says assembly members should have the right to speak the Tahitian language as well as french in parliament.

Her comments follow a French supreme court ruling to cancel two laws because Tahitian was spoken during the debate.

The same court ruled last year that only French was allowed as an official language in the assembly.

Ms Hirshon says the option to speak their native tongue has become a political matter.

"Some people in the parliament pretend they do not understand what it was all about. Actually everybody understood and this is another reason for us to improve the statute that we have today and we need full self-government so that things like that do not happen."