27 Feb 2007

PCRC says elected Fiji government not military must decide electoral changes

7:56 pm on 27 February 2007

The Suva based NGO, the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre,or PCRC, is calling for an early return to an elected government in Fiji to be separated from electoral change.

The interim administration is planning to hold elections in three years after changes are made to the race based voting syste,.

The PCRC's Director, Tupou Vere, says areas such as the revision of constituency boundaries and ways of voting are matters that must be addressed with great sensitivity:

"In our view it is a big and complex issue that we hope will be addressed by an elected government and secondly that people are given an opportunity to make an input because they are very much linked to security issues for Fiji."

Ms Vere would like any consultation over election issues to end with a referendum on what sort of changes would be appropriate for Fiji