26 Feb 2007

FBI arrest two in connection with people trafficking in American Samoa

6:10 am on 26 February 2007

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has arrested two women, who are Chinese nationals living in American Samoa, in connection with charges of aiding the transportation of women from China, and other nations, to engage in prostitution in the territory.

The two women, Kueling Chen and Lili Zhang were taken by the FBI to Honolulu.

A statement from the FBI said that the two are charged with conspiring to violate the Mann Act, a law which makes it a federal offence to transport individuals in interstate or foreign commerce with intent to engage in prostitution.

Chen is the wife of Fu Shen Kuo, the Chinese man who is awaiting trial in Honolulu along with another Chinese woman Shenji Wang, in connection with a Pago Pago prostitution case