9 Feb 2007

PNG Labour secretary calls for all investors to observe ILO standards

2:45 pm on 9 February 2007

Papua New Guinea's Labour and Industrial Relations secretary has called on both foreign and national investors to diligently observe the laws relating to international labour standards.

David Tibu's call follows his warning to the Chinese developers of the Ramu mine construction that the project could be shut down if they continue to employ workers under sub-human conditions.

Mr Tibu says that ignorance of laws and practices is no excuse for working standards below decent humane levels.

PNG is a member of the International Labour Organisation of 175 member nations.

Members have all agreed to adopt the Declaration on Decent Work that calls for fair and just economic environments and balancing the economic endeavours with ensuring the protection of workers' and employers' rights, health and welfare.

Mr Tibu says that PNG is still a developing economy with an evolving support infrastructure that takes time to establish.

However, he says this situation is not to be sued to perpetrate unfair, unjust and inhuman treatment of workers in PNG for the cause of economic growth.