22 Jan 2007

Pitcairn supporters expected to burn replicas of Bounty to mark the island's anniversary

4:23 pm on 22 January 2007

Members of a global internet group, Friends of Pitcairn, are expected to celebrate the island's anniversary day on January 23 with ship burning ceremonies in their countries.

Pitcairn Island every year celebrates its anniversary day by burning a replica of the Bounty - the ship on which the mutineers reached the island in 1789.

The mutineers later burnt the ship.

The director of Pitcairn Island's Study Centre in California, Herbert Ford, says some of the 1200 member strong internet group have now decided to show solidarity with Pitcairn by also burning replica ships.

"It was decided among the group a couple of weeks ago why don't we show our friendship in a little dramatic way, as the Pitcairners are burning a replica of the Bounty on January 23, we also do that with whatever crude replica we might make of the Bounty in our small situation."

Mr Ford says burning ceremonies are expected in Norfolk, the United States, Tahiti, Germany, Britain, Spain and Russia.