19 Jan 2007

Fiji CEO contracts terminated

4:09 pm on 19 January 2007

Fiji's 23 state chief executives, including those appointed by the military council, have reportedly had their contracts terminated.

Fijilive reports this was confirmed by the interim minister for public sector reform, Poseci Bune,

who says those interested can reapply for 16 posts soon to be available.

The CEO positions have also been reverted back to permanent secretaries and the pay reduced accordingly.

Mr Bune says the appointment of permanent secretaries as CEOs and the 50 per cent pay rise to about 70 thousand US dollars a year was the biggest fraud committed by the deposed SDL government.

He says the former permanent secretaries had been appointed as chief executives and the only difference was in their titles and salaries..

Mr Bune says the public service commission will also be reducing the number of deputy secretaries and other related costs.

The new interim administration has only 16 cabinet ministers, compared with 26 ministers and 10 ministers of state in the ousted Qarase government.