17 Jan 2007

Senior police officers and union pledge loyalty to Commissioner

5:33 am on 17 January 2007

Senior Papua New Guinea police officers and the Police union have pledged their loyalty to embattled Commissioner Gari Baki.

They have vowed to forget recent differences and work with him to bring the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary forward to meet its constitutional responsibilities.

In separate meetings with Police Union officials and senior officers yesterday Mr Baki said differences needed to be set aside for the good of the organization.

He said the organization has suffered over the last five months due to the uncertainty over the top post and its spill-over effects.

Mr Baki said he and his family had suffered humiliation and ridicule over the last five months.

However, he said he was willing to forget the past and get on with the job of running the police service.

Mr Baki said the Government had appointed him Commissioner and he wanted total commitment to the Office of the Commissioner.

He said all members of the force should respect that decision and move on.