9 Jan 2007

New Caledonia ourism seeks union support to build tourism

11:06 am on 9 January 2007

New Caledonia Tourism says its five year plan to further develop the tourism industry involves a strong collaboration with the unions.

The territory has a very strong union movement and a history of long-lasting strikes, with currently one union, the CSTNC, being on strike since September.

Tourism New Caledonia's general manager for New Zealand, Simon Duff, says it wants to boost tourism and has launched a two for one sale to lure visitors from New Zealand and Austarlia to the territory.

Mr Duff says the union movement will not have an adverse effect on tourism.

"The unions are quite strong in France and that has also an effect on the territories out there. I see the unions as part of the solution, it is not part of a problem. It is a matter of working with them. And this is where we want to go with tourism."