12 Dec 2006

Fiji Chamber of Commerce says coup clock cannot be turned back

2:36 pm on 12 December 2006

The Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry says mouthing rhetoric and trying to whip up emotion in a highly charged environment is not going to solve the country's problem.

Referring to the coup, the chamber president, Taito Waradi, says the die has been cast and they cannot turn the clock back.

Instead, Mr Waradi, says every effort must be made in the quest to explore other constitutionally compliant options.

He says a firm national leadership to steer Fiji to calmer waters is what the country needs and the military "rightly or wrongly is providing this leadership."

Mr Waradi says he is particularly encouraged by the military's resolve to find a constitutional resolution to the current crisis instead of abrogating the constitution as was done in 1987.

He says as long as the constitution remains intact, there is hope, adding "that that is responsible leadership."

Mr Waradi says in the midst of the hype and melee created by detractors, people have lost sight of the root cause of the problem.

He says the role of some key institutions of society clearly needed to be redefined and the electoral process, which had divided people rather than uniting them, should be re-examined.

Meanwhile, the military council has continued to sack some chief executives with the latest to go being the head of Airports Fiji Limited, Ratu Sakiusa Tuisolia, and the head of the reconciliation ministry, Apisalome Tudreu.