7 Dec 2006

Opponents to challenge court decision on Hawaii school case

4:37 pm on 7 December 2006

Opponents of a court decision allowing a private school in Hawaii to favour native Hawaiian applicants, say there will be an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The U.S. Court of Appeal in California ruled this week the Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii could favour applicants based on race, which reverses an earlier court decision.

The earlier decision had sided with a minor, identified only as "John Doe", who had applied to, and was rejected by, the school on the basis of race.

Richard Rowland, the director of the NGO Grassroots Institute of Hawaii, says the case isn't over.

"Yes, this isn't the final verse. If the US Supreme court turn down an appeal, then it will be the last verse, it will be over."

Richard Rowland.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Kamehameha Schools, Dee Jay Mailer, has issued a statement saying he is elated that the court ruled in the school's favour.