6 Dec 2006

Fiji military seek senior police officers at tactical response headquarters

11:40 am on 6 December 2006

Fiji police say that a short time ago two truck loads of soldiers arrived at the Police Tactical Response Unit headquarters at Nasinu, just outside Suva.

In a statement police say the military are searching for senior police officers who are meeting there.

The statement says that at this time the senior officers remain within the confines of the compound and are undaunted by the presence of the military.

The statement goes on to say that Fiji police remain resolute and in support of the constitution of Fiji and condemn in the strongest possible terms the unlawful usurping of power by the military.

It says the Fiji police will not be a part of this or any other illegal regime.

The statement says that all officers of the Fiji police are reminded of their oath to uphold the law and to disregard any instruction given by military personnel, as this is unlawful.

The police have called on the military to lay down their weapons and return to their families.