21 Nov 2006

Fears for students exam results in Fiji because of impasse between govt and military

9:03 am on 21 November 2006

Two teachers' bodies in Fiji have expressed concern that the heightened standoff between the military and the government could have an adverse impact on the public examination results of thousands of students.

The students sat for their exams last week amid widespread fears that another coup was imminent.

The Daily Post reports that both the Fiji Principals Association and the Fiji Head Teachers Association are projecting a major drop in the academic performance of students because of the instability in the country.

The president of the Head Teachers Association, Vijay Sharma, says the students sat for their exams with a very disturbed mind and there was a significant change in their results.

The president of the Principals Association, Brij Deo, says the full impact on secondary school students will only be known when their results come out early next year but he expects it to be severe.

Mr Deo says they will call on the education ministry to re-assess the results.