20 Nov 2006

French Polynesian report calls France to account over nuclear testing legacy

5:15 pm on 20 November 2006

French Polynesia's Economic, Social and Cultural Council, or CESC, has unanimously accepted a report, which calls on France to take responsibility for its nuclear weapons testing.

France has always maintained that its tests were clean and safe, but this is being challenged by the French Polynesian government and several veterans groups that call for transparency.

The report was prepared by the CESC, which reflects the view of civil societies, including employers, unions and NGO's.

Its presentation in Tahiti was attended by the French official for nuclear safety, Marcel Jurien de la Graviere.

MP Tea Hirshon says she is happy that the report did not only focus on health and environmental effects of the blasts.

"I was very satisfied, because I feel that the report went even further than the report that I presided at the territorial assembly. It especially covered the economic consequences of the establishment of the nuclear testing here."

Tea Hirshon