10 Nov 2006

Fiji home affairs CEO suspended for missing meetings

4:42 am on 10 November 2006

The chief executive of Fiji's ministry of home affairs and immigration, Dr Lesi Korovavala, has been suspended indefinitely and barred from entering his office.

Fiji TV reports that the action follows serious complaints against Dr Korovavala by his own minister, Josefa Vosanibola.

The chairman of the public service commission, Stuart Hugget, says the minister complained that Dr Korovavala had been absent from three critical meetings of the National Security Council last week when he was its secretary.

Mr Hugget says Dr Korovavala did not apply for leave and no one knew where he was.

Dr Korovavala will remain on half pay during his suspension while an investigation is carried out.

A replacement home affairs chief executive has been appointed.

Dr Korovavala has been embroiled in the impasse between the military and the government for several years and the military had strongly objected to his appointment.