26 Oct 2006

Fiji Military calls for a hold on Dr Baba's appointment to UN

9:15 am on 26 October 2006

Fiji's military has called on the Qarase government to put on hold Dr Tupeni Baba's appointment as the country's next ambassador to the United Nations.

The Fiji Sun says this is because of Dr Baba's association with the international conman, Peter Foster, who was captured by Fiji police late yesterday as he tried to evade arrest by jumping into the Deuba River at Pacific Harbour.

Foster funded Dr Baba's New Labour Unity Party general election campaign in 2001.

Dr Baba has also admitted dining with Foster's business consultants in Suva in June this year but says he has cut off all links with the conman.

The military spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni, says the government must put Dr Baba's UN appointment on hold and review it.

He says it casts a slur in the Fiji military's international reputation as perhaps the best of all UN peacekeepers in the world.

Major Leweni says the startling revelation that Foster advised the ruling SDL in this year's election campaign shows networking and corruption at the highest level.