18 Oct 2006

Aid advocate calls for policing aid money not to be classed as development funding

7:59 pm on 18 October 2006

A Philippines-based commentator wants donor aid funding for the military or improving security and developing good governance, to be treated separately from development aid.

Antonio Tujan Jr is a representative of the Reality of Aid which says the so-called war against terror has diverted aid money away from the fight to eradicate poverty.

Mr Tujan says this diversion of development aid is also happening in the Pacific, especially with the money spent on the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands and policing in Papua New Guinea.

"Assistance for police operations should be provided but as a separate item from development assistance. Development assistance should focus on ending poverty and one should not reduce the money spent on building livelihoods, in providing social services on the ground for the poor, and take the money away from that."