12 Oct 2006

Cooks Democratic Party files electoral petition

4:24 pm on 12 October 2006

The Cook Islands Democratic Party has confirmed that it has filed one electoral petition following this month's general election.

The Democratic Party won 14 out of 24 seats after the final count with the Cook Islands Party getting eight.

One seat went to an independent and there was a tie in the seat of Akaoa

The parties were given seven days after the final count to file electoral petitions.

The Demo Party questions a number of issues in the Avatiu constituency on Rarotonga for their candidate Sam Crocombe who is trailing the CIP candidate by 13 votes.

Demo Party president Makiutu Tongia says their primary focus is on voter eligibility.

"So we're going through those who are not Niueans, because Niueans and Tokelauan and New Zealand citizens can vote, those who do not have permanent residency, those who do not qualify the one year residents requirement, those who do not meet the three month residency requirement for constituencies, and those who do not meet the 18 year old minimum voting age."

Makiutu Tongia