10 Oct 2006

Solomons health minister to consider pay demand by doctors and nurses

7:56 pm on 10 October 2006

The issue of a pay increase for Solomon Islands nurses and doctors has now been put into the hands of the health minister, Clay Forau.

The associations representing the medical staff gave notice of industrial action more than a month ago and a strike was due to begin today.

But the associations have been holding meetings with the Public Service commission and the health minister.

Mr Forau was certain both groups should have received the six per cent increase awarded to public officers in June and he now has a week to get the increase paid to both groups.

The head of nursing at the Ministry of Health, Amos Lapo, says if industrial action does go ahead the affect on the nation's health service would be severe:

"It would actually put the service to a stop, when they heard that there would be a strike notice everyone worried that they would not be getting treatment of something.'"

The head of nursing at the Solomons' ministry of health, Amos Lapo.