20 Sep 2006

Indonesia's government to consider next steps over Papua marine area

4:03 pm on 20 September 2006

The Indonesian government is considering what steps to take following calls to protect a marine area off Papua province which scientists describe as unbelievably rich in marine bio-diversity.

A director at the department of Marine Affairs, Yaya Mulyana, says the information about the Bird's Head Seascape in Papua is significant.

He says the first step is to inform local communities and talk to the local government about what type of protected areas there should be.

Mr Mulyana says he was presented with the studies by Conservation International and will take note of what they've said.

"They recommend at least establish the protected areas, according to six categories. There would be sustainable fisheries, also possible for recreation, so multiple use."

Yaya Mulyana, a director at Indonesia's Marine Affairs department in Djakarta.