19 Sep 2006

Fiji considers one minimum wage

3:24 pm on 19 September 2006

Fiji's Labour Minister, Krishna Datt, says he's keeping an open mind as to whether the country should introduce one set national minimum wage.

This follows calls from the Fiji Trades Union Congress, the FTUC, for the system to change from the present one where the Wages Council sets differing minimum wages for ten industries.

Mr Datt says there needs to be a reform of the Wages Council but there is research by an economist in Fiji which supports maintaining the different wage sectors.

He says there are reasons for this.

"There are varying degrees of ability to pay by employers. Fiji's at great variance in terms of occupational grades, and the amount of money that employers make and how much of that can they distribute to the workers."

Mr Datt says it will be at least mid-next year before a decision is made.