18 Sep 2006

Fiji police says attacks on Hindu temples just crimes of opportunity - not religious attacks

8:04 pm on 18 September 2006

Fiji police say Hindu temples are more often the target of sacrilege, because they are located away from residential areas.

There has been three attacks on Hindu temples in Fiji in the last five days.

There has been a call for Hindus to form vigilante groups to protect the temples amid suggestions there are plans to wipe out Hinduism in Fiji.

But Fiji police spokesperson, Sylvia Low, says they believe the incidents are not racially or religiously motivated.

"Sacrilege in Fiji, it's crime of opportunity. Because most places of worship, the ones that have been broken into, don't have anyone living nearby. These are located in isolated places at most times. There is minimum security, people know that money is kept on the premises, or goods that are valuable that they could sell, and that's what they take."

Ms Low says they are investigating all three incidents, and have identified the person responsible for one of the attacks.