6 Sep 2006

Fiji newspaper releases details of charges against Labour dissidents

9:36 am on 6 September 2006

Details of disciplinary charges laid against senior Fiji Labour Party dissidents have been revealed.

The Daily Post reports that the party vice president and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, has been charged with defaming the party leader, promoting views designed to undermine party authority, bringing the party into ridicule and three other charges.

The party's deputy leader and environment minister, Poseci Bune is facing charges of undermining party president Jokapeci Koroi, calling her a puppet, making personal attacks such as branding Mr Chaudhry undemocratic and other charges.

MP Felix Anthony has been charged with undermining party leadership by bringing Mahendra Chaudhry into ridicule, organizing protests against a party colleague in his own constituency, verbally attacking him and making false charges.

Similar charges have been pressed against MP and party management board member, Agni Deo Singh.

Details of charges against former senator Dr Atu Emberson-Bain have not been disclosed because she is in Guyana as a Commonwealth observer at that country's general elections.