1 Sep 2006

American Samoa to take action against Mynah birds

10:04 am on 1 September 2006

The directors of American Samoa's Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources and the American Samoa Environmental Protedtion Agency have told the House of Representatives they are trying to find a safe and effective way of eradicating the territory's Mynah birds.

DMWR director Ufagafa Ray Tulafono says they are investigating ways of eradicating the birds without harming other animals, bird species, and the environment.

Several ways of tackling the problem are being studied including setting traps, poison or shooting them with BB guns.

Assistant Attorney General Frederick O'Brien was asked of legal ramifications if BB guns were chosen as an eradication method.

He revealed that during his teenage years in Hawaii where Mynah were also a problem he had done his part to control the pest population by using his "trusted BB gun."

Mr OBrien said there were no legal issues unless someone was hurt in the process.