24 Aug 2006

Overhaul of Fiji's public service under way

1:30 pm on 24 August 2006

The overhaul of Fiji's Public Service is under way with a team which will design a new structure.

The chairman of the Public Service Commission, Stuart Huggett, says the organisation has been too unwieldy for too long.

He says the team that has been established is surveying and reviewing the public service and coming to grips with what the legal implications will be as the change occurs.

Mr Huggett says the change is long overdue.

"We're in the initial stages of designing a completely new civil service for Fiji. One which we feel would be more appropriate to our situation. It's been a very complex and cumbersome organisation which has been fiddled about with over many, many years and it's not really rational anymore. And, I think everyone in the civil service understands this."

Mr Huggett says it will take up to three years to reform the organisation but he wouldn't comment on whether it will mean job losses or the pruning of departments.