23 Aug 2006

Pitcairn police among most expensive per capita in the world

4:18 pm on 23 August 2006

Britain is reported to be spending at least a third of a million US dollars a year to police Pitcairn Island.

Pitcairn has fewer than 50 permanent residents and the expenditure would make the law enforcement operation one of the most costly per capita in the world.

Six islanders convicted of sex abuse require supervision.

Ben Lowings reports.

"A resident police officer serves on Pitcairn, together with two others who work in three month rotations. An official source says these two Ministry of Defence police are flown First Class on commercial airliners to French Polynesia, from where they sail to Pitcairn. A Foreign Ministry official said the claim would be looked into. The convicted sex abusers on Pitcairn challenge British jurisdiction over the islands. The Privy Council in London is to announce a ruling in the case in October."