3 Aug 2006

China's Foreign Minister asks Niue to refrain from contact with Taiwan

1:39 pm on 3 August 2006

The Chinese Foreign Minister, Li Zhaoxing, is reported to have asked the Niue government to refrain from having anything to do with Taiwan.

The minister and his eight-member delegation briefly visited Niue earlier in the week as part of a region wide tour of countries which recognise the One China policy.

Mr Li handed over a donation of 400,000 New Zealand dollars or nearly 248,000 U.S. dollars which will go towards preparations for the possibility of hosting the Forum meeting next year.

Our correspondent, Patrick Lino, says Niue has also played its part in the relationship.

"The visit also confirmed Niue's stance over the One China policy. The Chinese Foreign Minister had actually asked the government if they could refrain from attending conferences or anything to do with the Taiwanese government."

Patrick Lino.