2 Aug 2006

Vanuatu seeks to increase scholarships

2:07 pm on 2 August 2006

The Vanuatu government says it is looking at the possibility of increasing scholarships to ni-Vanuatu every year.

The move comes after the National Training and Scholarship Office received a total of 579 applications this year.

The increase is thought to be due to a higher number of students in years 13 and 14 plus people re-applying from previous years.

It says the total number of awards for this year is about 80 which hasn't changed much over the years.

But as the Minister of Education, Joe Natuman, explains that there are plans to address the issue.

"We have taken this up with our development partners particularly Australia, New Zealand and France to see whether they can increase the contribution to that country or what scholarship."

NZAID provides scholarships for study at the University of the South Pacific and New Zealand universities.

It agreed in recent talks with the Vanautu government to keep to the current allocation of more than one million US dollars for scholarships in 2006/07.