1 Aug 2006

Pacific Futures book launched in Wellington on greater collaboration

1:42 pm on 1 August 2006

The future of the Pacific region and the need, or otherwise, for greater collaboration is discussed in a new book being launched in Wellington tonight.

Academics and community leaders from around the region have contributed a series of essays and commentaries to the book called Pacific Futures which is sponsored by the Pacific Co-operation Foundation.

The organisation's founding chairman, Michael Powles, says there is not a unified point of view but the book plans to promote further discussion about the shape of the region in the future.

Mr Powles says he believes greater collaboration is needed.

"Because of the more hostile external environment that Pacific Islands face than they did and the challenges within them, that, if the Pacific is going to continue to grow and prosper and be reasonably secure, then there is a strong case for collaboration."

Mr Powles says the Pacific plan, which is being used as a platform for greater integration, may take longer to implement than some want but countries need to consult with their own populations about what they want to see happen.