24 Jul 2006

Dispute resolved between USTKE union in New Caledonia and Maersk shipping

5:43 am on 24 July 2006

The New Caledonian USTKE union says the Noumean port dispute with the global Maersk shipping company has been resolved.

USTKE has argued that multi-national shipping companies setting up services to Noumea will harm other businesses and has asked for a quota system for cargo being unloaded.

The union met Maersk representatives in Sydney last week to discuss the matter.

Its representative, Pierre Chauvat, says Maersk promised it will not jeopardise the market.

"We didn't sign any papers. Because we feel that words are there and we should meet as often as we can to discuss these matters. Maersk are very open to discussions, to dialogue, and things should remain as they are."

An agreement has already been signed with the global Mediterranean Shipping Company.