19 Jul 2006

Fiji Labour MPs revealed to have walked out on speech by Krishna Datt

8:48 am on 19 July 2006

It's been revealed that Fiji Labour Party MPs attempted a boycott of the parliamentary speech of their most senor minister in the multi-party cabinet, Krishna Datt.

The boycott took place during Mr Datt's speech on the Employment Relations Bill in the newly elected parliament last month.

Radio Legend reports that this has been confirmed by the Labour Party whip, Perumal Mupnar, who says he circulated a note to FLP MPs to walk out of parliament during Mr Datt's speech.

Mr Mupnar says the note was passed to him by the FLP's Labasa MP, Surend Lal, which has been confirmed by another FLP MP. Anand Babla.

Mr Lal has refused to comment on the issue.

But it was confirmed that during Mr Datt's speech on the Employment Relations Bill, very few Labour MPs were present in parliament.

Mr Datt is the minister of labour in the multi-party cabinet.