19 Jul 2006

Vanuatu government moves quickly to quell New Caledonia kava imports row

9:00 am on 19 July 2006

The Vanuatu government has moved swiftly to avoid any diplomatic row with New Caledonia in resolving demands of local kava importers.

The Daily Post reports that Prime Minister Ham Lini has given a commitment that the government will review the decision of the Vanuatu Commodities and Marketing Board or VCMB.

Kava importers want the Vanuatu Government to reverse a decision to set up an agent in Noumea to distribute kava and other Vanuatu exports in New Caledonia.

They've been picketing outside the Vanuatu consulate in Noumea since last week, forcing the closure of the office because it was not able to deal with their demands.