18 Jul 2006

Former Fiji Labour Party Senator opposed to punitive action

8:43 am on 18 July 2006

A former Fiji Labour Party senator says punitive action against five dissident members of the party who have questioned Mahendra Chaudhry's decision making will bring disrepute to the party.

Dr Atu Emberson-Bain is one of the dissident five, who include two cabinet ministers and two MPs, who have had disciplinary action started against them.

Dr Emberson-Bain has told the Daily Post that while they have not challenged Mr Chaudhry's leadership, others will in the future.

She says punitive action against the five is not being conducted fairly.

Dr Emberson-Bain says it is disappointing that a simple request for a management board meeting made three times has come to this.

She says what they were asking for was simply more accountability and transparency in the leader because the leadership of the party is not the monopoly of any one individual.

Mahendra Chaudhry says party procedures will be followed in disciplining the five whom he has asked to answer to the charges against them.