14 Jul 2006

Fiji Labour Party vice-president says questioning of leader's actions justified

9:54 am on 14 July 2006

The Fiji Labour Party vice president and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, who is one of five senior members threatened with disciplinary action, says he was done wrong.

The other four are party deputy leader and cabinet minister, Poseci Bune, MPs Felix Anthony and Agni Deo Singh, and former senator Dr Atu Emberson-Bain.

Party president Jokapeci Koroi has instituted disciplinary action against the five saying they had breached party rules and brought it into disrepute when they questioned Mahendra Chaudhry's list of senate nominees.

But Mr Datt has told Radio Legend that Mrs Koroi knows very well why the five, who are all party management board members, questioned the senate list.

Mr Datt says he is disappointed that Mrs Koroi has refused to call a management board meeting because a number of those issues could have been resolved.

Mr Datt says now that Mrs Koroi has decided to take the matter to the national council with Mahendra Chaudhry's concurrence, he is looking forward to any meeting where the five can get a fair hearing.