5 Jul 2006

Fiji Labour Party vice president publicly opposes Chaudhry's leadership style

6:15 pm on 5 July 2006

Fiji Labour Party vice president and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, has publicly opposed the leadership style of their leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.

Radio Legend reports that Mr Datt did so when commenting on Mr Chaudhry's ultimatum to the government that unless it changes its affirmative action policies, Labour will pull out of the multi-party cabinet.

Mr Datt has told a talkback show on Radio Legend's Fijian language sister station Mr Chaudhry should realize that the time for confrontation is over.

He says Labour should be constructively engaged on all issues no matter how difficult.

Mr Datt says if people disengage, they have no platform and gain nothing.

But he says if Labour remains engaged, it can influence policy whether it is on affirmative action or land lease issues or changes to the constitution.

Mr Datt says his advice to the Labour Party is that it must not talk about disengagement at any time.

He says in the Fiji context, disengagement polarizes and separates the races.

He says Labour should remain constructively engaged and bring about changes through a variety of strategies.