28 Jun 2006

Labour mobility should be viewed as chance to expand horizons - PNG businessman

7:59 pm on 28 June 2006

A Papua New Guinea businessman attending a conference in Wellington on labour issues in the Pacific says greater labour mobility in the region is a chance for people to broaden their knowledge.

Some Pacific Islands governments have called for short-term labour access to Australia and New Zealand.

Some countries have growing pools of young unemployed who they believe could spend several months working in sectors such as horticulture.

It is hoped the workers could suppport their home countries through remittances.

PNG businessman, Richard Kassman, is supportive of the call but not with an emphasis on money being sent home.

"There will be that and our people will benefit from some form of repatriation of funds, but I think from Papua New Guinea's perspective just exposing Papua New Guineans to a different way of life and working at a farm which is an entrepreneurial organisation and coming back and from an agricultural country like ours, saying, this intensive agricultural farming business, we could probably do that."