6 Jun 2006

EU election monitoring team departs Fiji, preparing report on findings

8:16 pm on 6 June 2006

The European Union delegation which has been in Fiji to observe the recent election and formation of government says the process has been acceptable.

With the process now complete and the new parliament in sessions, the delegation is due to leave the country this weekend.

The EU deputy chief observer, Carlo Accame, says the electoral process went well, despite several inaccuracies in the roll and a high portion of invalid votes - ten percent of the overall count.

He says the Electoral Commission made a good effort to be transparent at all stages of a long election, keeping political parties and voters informed throughout on the problems and how to overcome them.

"And so if you put all these elements together you will have an acceptable electoral process where the large majority of voters had the opportunity to understand: A) the political parties and candidates' programmes; B) to vote according to the rules; and C) to have their vote honestly counted."

The delegation is now preparing a final report to be presented in Fiji in three months.