5 Jun 2006

Tokelau plans another referendum on self-determination

1:09 pm on 5 June 2006

The head of the Tokelau assembly says it has agreed to hold another referendum on independence from New Zealand.

This comes less than four months after a referendum was held whose outcome was to retain the current status.

The Ulu o Tokelau Kolouei O'Brien says the majority of the General Fono has also voted to keep the same framework for the next referendum.

A two-thirds majority is needed to change the status of Tokelau for it to become self-governing in free association with New Zealand.

Mr O'Brien says a date is yet to be set.

"We already support the idea we have another go at a referendum again, maybe in August. We have yet to name a date for that. We will try to do it before the New Zealand elections in 2008. So we're looking at the end of next year, or early the following year."

The Ulu o Tokelau Kolouei O'Brien