23 May 2006

Norfolk Island receives a boost in tourism

9:31 am on 23 May 2006

Tourism on Norfolk Island has received a boost with Ozjet to fly to the island from Wednesday.

The deal with Ozjet, to be in place for at least a year, gives tourist operators some certainty after ongoing problems with air services since the collapse of Norfolk Jet Express last June.

It will provide six flights from Sydney and Brisbane each week, giving a 20 percent lift in capacity out of Australia.

And the Norfolk Island Government secretary Peter Maywald says the number of flights is due to increase within months.

"We have contracted with Ozjet to expand that in our peak season, so at least four services a week each from Sydney and Brisbane with the potential to increase beyond that as well. The reason we haven't gone straight to that is there is a major runway upgrade happening in Norfolk Island. That is nearly complete, but until it is we need to have a runway available for four days a week for resurfacing."

The Norfolk Island Government Secretary, Peter Maywald.